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An integral part of the building’s structure is the floor; it has practical and aesthetic uses. It is why it is only crucial to take upkeep your flooring because it will add to the overall comfort of the place and make the interior look better. The quality of a building’s flooring is important because it shows the overall condition of the building and the reputation of the office or business.

It would be best if you employ specialists who have a solid understanding of the services you want, which is why. The recognized professionals at Lee’s Summit Epoxy are known for providing exceptionally high-quality services in the neighborhood of Pleasant Hill. We provide you with several different flooring methods designed to repair, restore, and protect your floors.

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While it may be irresistible to work on your specific problems independently, it is always preferable to inquire and consult with professionals for assistance. The specialists at Lee’s Summit Epoxy can give you a broad number of benefits, all of which can be obtained via the use of our services. The following is a rundown of just some of the many reasons you should choose us to perform flooring services in Pleasant Hill, Missouri, that are completed skillfully.

The Process of Restoring and Protecting Floors

At Lee’s Summit Epoxy, you’ll find highly skilled, very experienced, and persistent professionals. The following are some of the critical processes that will assist in repairing and safeguarding your floors, which are part of the extensive selection of flooring services that we provide.

First Step: Concrete Cleaning

Over time, the accumulation of dirt and soil gives the appearance that a concrete surface is unclean. As individuals who are the owners of buildings, our responsibility is to take uncleanliness very seriously. According to assessments delivered by the United Nations Environment Programme, a single handful of soil may have the potential for millions of different types of microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi. Even though the soil had the potential to be healthy, pollution led it to become toxic and severely damaged it. 

Concrete stained, damaged, or filthy might benefit from having its surface cleaned by a professional concrete cleaning service. Because concrete is prone to growing cracks and pits, it is more likely to get damaged and unclean once it has already established these defects. It is because concrete is susceptible to developing these problems. By enlisting the assistance of a trained expert for concrete cleaning, you will be able to solve one issue that plagues your home: filth.

Cleaning is one of the ways to make items seem like they have just been purchased. Aside from that, it is a method of managing the numerous assets there. Concrete serves as the primary structural component of your construction. One of the primary reasons why there is a need to pay attention to its cleanliness is because of this. A great strategy to take care of concrete is to get specialists to clean it for you. It will ensure that the task gets done correctly. Compared to manual cleaning, the fact that we employ both machines and human interaction as part of our cleaning process provides us an advantage. It integrates both of their talents into a single action, which leads to much improved outcomes and more meaningful use of the time spent.

Second Step: Restoration with Lee’s Summit Epoxy’s Diamond Grinding 

One of the most practical approaches for rehabilitating concrete is diamond grinding. Its primary purpose is to assist in rehabilitating concrete by correcting faulting and roughness, which is why it is done. This discipline, which uses a wide variety of strategies, is responsible for resolving plenty of visible issues. Diamond grinding is a hands-on service performed in a broad range of industries and is often done using various concrete pavement rehabilitation techniques. 

Because it has been prepared to the appropriate profile, it exceptionally provides a stronger connection between the concrete and your coating. The diamond grinding we provide at Lee’s Summit Epoxy will bring great results for your projects. Putting the concrete through a diamond grinding process makes it easier to accept the top layer. Because of this, you mustn’t overlook diamond grinding before deciding to have a new flooring system for your building.

Lee’s Summit Epoxy offers a diamond grinding service that improves surface texture and friction, increasing overall safety and decreasing the number of accidents. The ability of Lee’s Summit Epoxy diamond grinding services to remove dirt, stains, oil, and other impurities from the surface of the concrete is an additional benefit of using their expertise. With Lee’s Summit Epoxy, you may upgrade to the best flooring experience imaginable. 

3rd Step: Protection

The extensive usage of concrete is immediately seen in the built environment outdoors, including sidewalks, paths, driveways, walls, concrete fences, and highways. These are examples of concrete’s ubiquitous use. Coating agents for outdoor concrete may be crafted from a broad range of compounds, some of which are synthetic while others are organic. Some of the synthetic substances are water-based, while others are solvent-based. Coating concrete is a technique that includes applying a liquid or semi-liquid material to the surface of the most recently used layer of concrete to produce an additional layer of concrete. The name of this technique gives a good indication of what it does, which is to create an extra shield of defense to the concrete.

Paint and epoxy are only two examples of the many different kinds of coating materials accessible to you as choices when selecting the one to utilize. When applied on a concrete floor or driveway, a concrete coating may impart additional advantages, such as resistance to water and slippage, decreased needs for maintenance, and lower prices. In addition, the coating will lengthen the life of your concrete, reducing the amount of deterioration that will occur. Lee’s Summit Epoxy is now offering outdoor concrete coating services. With the assistance of our crew of specialists in coating and sealing, you will be able to delight in your outdoor landscapes’ outstanding results.

More to Offer in Pleasant Hill, Missouri 

The services we mentioned are only some of the several flooring services we have at Lee’s Summit Epoxy. Our team efficiently provides and delivers the services we pride in Missouri. Call our team today and schedule your floor restoration and protection with only the best.


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I am a new owner of a business establishment, and I plan to prioritize the interior and exterior of my floors both at the same time. Finding experts who can do both was hard, but luckily I found Lee's Summit Epoxy! I had my interior floors polished and the pavement outside coated. Getting flooring experts from my hometown was one of the most significant decisions I have ever made!

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