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Concrete is undoubtedly the building material used the most frequently in today’s business. You can find concrete in every nook and cranny of the room no matter where you look. Concrete components are split out in detail in a document written by the Department of Transportation in Virginia.

The paste and the aggregates make up the two concrete components, making up the substance known as concrete. 60 to 80% of the total volume of concrete is the aggregate. The aggregate could either be fine or coarse. On the other hand, 20 to 40% of the concrete’s volume is a paste made of cement, water, and entrained air. 

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Concrete has many excellent properties, the reason why it has become a standard in the construction industry. Their nature includes durability, smooth workability, resistance to weather, chemical, erosion, and water infiltration, and lastly, they have high strength and is economical. Every structure you see now is built with all the exceptional properties of concrete. 

Concrete Problems

It is not new to us that many different things can destroy concrete because of the ubiquitous usage of concrete; in fact, we expect it to occur after a long time. Concrete degradation, which can be caused by extreme exposure circumstances, poor building techniques, and material restrictions, is a concern for the most significant number of people. There is not just one particular cause why the concrete is breaking up most of the time. Several different things can contribute to its falling value. The Portland Cement Association has compiled a list of the many forms and factors that might lead to the degradation of concrete, which includes the following: Corrosion of Embedded Metals, Freeze-Thaw Deterioration, Chemical Attack, Abrasion or Erosion, Fire or Heat, Overland and Impact, Loss of Support, and Surface Defects are some of the potential problems that might arise.

The Solution In Missouri

Your preexisting concrete issues can be treated with the utmost care and repaired effectively by Lee’s Summit Epoxy. Concrete repair is one of our company’s specialties, and we have a stellar reputation for our work and its results. Lee’s Summit Epoxy specialists have the necessary credentials to do their jobs and make significant repairs. We have a wealth of experience delving deep into real-world problems to find the root causes and develop a technique that is precise to the situation at hand. Without a doubt, we will restore your concrete to its previous level of functionality and end any concerns or misgivings you may have over its eventual deterioration.

Concrete Repair

Guidelines for repairing concrete have been developed since 1903, when the first concrete project was laid down on a Reclamation project that the Bureau of Reclamation administered. When it comes to concrete repair and maintenance systems, the United States Bureau of Reclamation provides a guideline that Lee’s Summit Epoxy must adhere to meticulously. The following is a checklist of the five fundamental phases of repairing and maintaining concrete.

Identifying the cause of the problem

In restoring damaged concrete, the first step that needs to be done is to figure out the cause of the damage. Identifying the roots will tell us which stage we will be taking next. This step is essential because it eliminates the overall wear and prevents the owners from wasting time and money. As said in the previous paragraphs, there are various causes of damage, and eventually, every building material may lose its strength and effectiveness. Knowing these factors will also help us recognize the problem we need to mend.

Assessing how extensive the problem is and the extent to which repairs are required

When we figure out the source of the problem, we can proceed to the next phase of repairing your damaged concrete. In this stage, we need to reckon the intensity of the damage. The second step also involves knowing as many details about the damage possible. Specifically, this phase regards understanding how much the structure is included and its dimensions in length, width, and depth. We are enlightened about what direction we will be taking in the repair process by doing this. Like a doctor giving a prognosis, the second step also predicts the progress of the damage. Because of such reasons, we’ll know what options the damage has.

Choosing the appropriate procedure and material for the repair

There are also variations in choosing the interventions for your damaged concrete. Other damages do not require an extensive and full-out repair, while others need the contrary. Several factors need to be considered in repairing damaged concrete. The third step becomes a manageable task when the previous phases are done thoroughly. We’ll have to be technical and follow specific guidelines in choosing the repair method and materials in this step. This step is like the planning step, and it includes laying out a framework for the whole process.

Making preparations for the restoration of the existing concrete

After planning, we’ll have to prepare various factors to restore the damages to the concrete. To get ready for the repair, we have to remove the damaged or eroded concrete. This step is very vital because the sake of the overall outcome will depend on it. Making preparations for restoring the existing concrete includes the following: saw cutting the perimeters, removing the damage, supporting with steels, initial cleaning, shielding the prepared area, and the second cleaning.

Repairing and Correcting the problem

The last phase of the concrete repair is to correct the problem. In this stage, we will be applying the proposed method for repair and implementing the appropriate curing procedure. We look into this phase meticulously to deliver a quality repair and prevent it from reoccurring. After the repair and curing, we are now ready for the clean-up and demobilization.

We Cure Your Damaged Concrete

Lee’s Summit Epoxy understands your concrete problems and offers you options out of several considerations. Our highly oriented and certified professionals are here to be with you and your damaged concrete every step of the way. Get a quote and plan your appointment with Lee’s Summit Epoxy today!

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