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Are you concerned that the aesthetically pleasing appearance of your floors could suddenly deteriorate without warning? Are you concerned that your walls will deteriorate more quickly than you had hoped and fail to retain the aesthetic appeal you envisioned? In building and construction, one of the materials that are both integral and essential is concrete. The primary component makes it possible for those skyscrapers to dominate the urban landscape to such an extent.

Because of this, most of us can’t help but worry about how safe the concrete in our buildings and homes is and how well it protects us. If that is a concern of yours, allow us to put your mind at ease by letting you know that we offer a tailor-made product to meet your needs. It is guaranteed that the safety of your concrete walls, floors, and walkway patio will last for a longer time while also maintaining their fresh and new appearance. Lee’s Summit Epoxy has the concrete solutions for your substantial problems!

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What is epoxy?

Epoxy is a type of sealant material composed of carbon chains linked with hydrogen, nitrogen, and other elements. This is the more technical definition of epoxy. Typically, epoxy is a type of polymer, a chemical compound that possesses properties of toughness and elasticity comparable to those of rubber.

In addition, epoxy resins also have epoxides, which are a highly reactive group of molecules that become more rigid due to chemical reactions from exposure to heat or air. Because of this, epoxy can function as a sealant, which enables it to prevent the erosion and degradation of materials like concrete and other substances caused by cracks and holes.

What is concrete sealing?

When sealing concrete, the adhesive sealant is used to provide an additional outer coating, which can be used for decorative concretes and driveways, and concrete patios. This sealant will protect the concrete from any water spills and the weather, allowing them to last for a longer time. In addition, the sealer will make the concrete better and keep its color for longer. Lee’s Summit Epoxy has the best to offer for sealing your concrete for extra protection that protects your house and your structures.

How vital is concrete sealing?

Sealing provides an extra layer of protection on the surface of our house or commercial building. Furthermore, sealing will, in a manner analogous to that of home security, restrict any materials that could compromise the integrity of your concrete. Why does concrete sealing be essential? A wide assortment of aspects contributes to the significance of concrete sealing in every residential and commercial structure. Concrete is the most common and critical material used in the building and construction industry, which is no longer a closely guarded secret. A wide variety of structures, including skyscrapers, tower foundations, bridges, houses, roads, and patios, are all constructed.

Concrete is a material of choice due to its durability and strength, which could last longer. However, despite being mighty and strong, the concrete has a porous surface and a greater risk for crack formation, making it prone to corrosion and degradation if left untreated. Bailey (2019) stated four reasons that can destroy concrete. First is the expansion of the concrete. It is more common in winter as the concrete patios have porous surfaces that may serve as the entry point of the water. Once the water freezes inside the concrete expand, the concrete will also grow, destroying the compactness of the concrete, thus losing its strength.

Secondly, the sudden changes in the weather could also disintegrate the concrete’s stability and durability and thus result in faster degradation and fading of colors, particularly for decorative concretes. Thirdly, exposure to sunlight can cause blisters to the concrete, specifically that decorative concrete. These blisters may appear as tiny bubbles on the surfaces of the concretes that directly damage the concrete’s surface. Lastly is the chemical factors. Unsealed concrete that constant exposure to air will interact with various chemical elements and compounds that could affect the durability of the concrete and thus affect its structural integrity.

The following reasons stated above are only a few factors that could damage your concretes if left exposed and unsealed. Having your concrete floors, walls, concrete patios, and beams sealed will prevent those factors from happening. Concrete sealing allows you to cover those pores from the surface and stops the water from entering the concrete matrix. The extra layer of the seal will also protect the concrete from the changing weather that could cause erosion to the concrete. Sealants such as epoxy are considered a premium type of sealer and boost the lifespan of your concrete, saving you money from maintenance.

Lee’s Summit Epoxy is a premium, high-quality concrete sealer used for heavy-duty purposes such as roads and sidewalks. Thus it will boost your concrete exponentially. The level of protection and preservation you can get will be of the highest satisfaction.

The Use of Concrete Sealing by Lee’s Summit Epoxy

Using Lee’s Summit Epoxy will surely give you a lot of benefits for you and your concrete floor, walls, and pathways. The following are the advantages of using Lee’s Sumit Epoxy for your concrete sealing.

1. Prevents crack formation

Sealing your driveway and patios will help block those tiny pores from the concrete surface where cracks start to form.

2. Stops water absorption and moisture

The presence of water in the concrete matrix could contribute to the accumulation of moisture which could cause erosion and affect the durability of the concrete. This moisture inside the concrete is the reason for moss formation on the surface, weakening the concrete. With Lee’s Summit Epoxy, moss and molds will have no room in your concrete.

3. Preserve colors

Applications of Lee’s Summit Epoxy will enhance the concrete’s color and prevent it from fading. This will ensure that its color will still shine with glamor despite the weather.

4. Prevents Stains and Scratches

Your concrete will enjoy a flawless and unmarked appearance with Lee’s Summit Epoxy for an extended period as it prevents stains from accumulating on the surface. Furthermore, with the extra layer of protection, the adhesive sealer prevents scratches from the concrete and thus preserves the aesthetic appearance of the concrete, especially for decorative concretes.

5. Prolong the concrete’s life

Concrete is strong and durable and has lasted for decades; however, with Lee’s Summit Epoxy, the concrete’s lifespan will exponentially boost while maintaining the inside composition free from any materials that could compromise the integrity of the concrete.

Concrete Sealing by Lee’s Summit Epoxy

Contact us now! And have Lee’s Summit Epoxy for the longevity of your concrete. Prevention will always be better than any repair; thus, grab the chance to prolong your concrete and save money. Lee’s Summit Epoxy has the best to offer for sealing your concrete items for extra protection that protects your house and your family and friends. Lee’s Summit Epoxy has the concrete solutions for your concrete problems!

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I am a new owner of a business establishment, and I plan to prioritize the interior and exterior of my floors both at the same time. Finding experts who can do both was hard, but luckily I found Lee's Summit Epoxy! I had my interior floors polished and the pavement outside coated. Getting flooring experts from my hometown was one of the most significant decisions I have ever made!