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Innovative Restoring of Floors With Diamond Grinding

There are many actions toward rehabilitation of the environment in today’s era. These movements and efforts are also made in the construction industry today. We had little knowledge of how flooring systems were improved and maintained.

We had different ways and ideas of how to rehabilitate flooring. However, as technology has helped spread information, studies have been conducted to better the construction industry. 

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The Latest Restoration Technology 

Diamond grinding is one of the leading ways of concrete rehabilitation. It is primarily done to help restore concrete to correct faulting and roughness. Many surface problems are fixed through this practice which uses tons of techniques. In a wide-scale sector, diamond grinding is a hands-on service that is often done with different methods of Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation. The same approach is applied to residential and commercial structures.

The Grinding Equipment 

The equipment for diamond grinding uses diamond saw blades mounted on a cutting head. To fully understand the concept of this equipment, it uses abrasive particles to produce our desired surface outcome. Abrasives are non-metals but are stiff and strong. It is made up of small, sharp edges with an irregular shape. 

There are many types of abrasives that the construction industry utilizes. Among them are the conventional and super abrasives. The traditional grinding equipment makes use of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. On the other hand, diamond grinding belongs to the latter, which are super abrasives. Super abrasives make use of Cubic boron nitride and diamonds as its tool. In diamond grinding, we make use of super abrasive saw blades. Here are some characteristics to regard in choosing saw blades as equipment.

The Amount of Diamond

The diamond grinding tool’s capability also depends on the number of diamonds. This two complement one another and have a directly proportional relationship. The more diamonds a saw blade has, the greater its efficiency for grinding.

The Size of Diamond

There are many factors dependent on the size of the diamond for this grinding service. Examples of these include the cutting speed, costs, and the life of the grinding head. Moreover, in utilizing softer types of aggregate, we use a large diamond particle. On the other hand, we require a smaller diamond for more rigid aggregates.

Diamond Grinding For Concrete Pavements

Aside from structural rehabilitation, diamond grinding also primarily applies to making restoration to pavements. Pavements are a vital component of our daily lives. They are utilized in constructing driveways, parking lots, highways, and pavements. Pavements are another common application. These are structures necessary for the activities that take place every second. It is crucial to many aspects of our day-to-day life, including the military, commerce, and business. A pavement must go through several processes before it can be considered acceptable and standard quality. 

Diamond grinding is one of the processes required to go through. Diamond grinding is used to restore rideability by reducing surface imperfections produced by construction curling, slab warping, faulting, and roughness. Diamond grinding is accomplished by grinding the surface with diamond-tipped tools. Diamond grinding has several immediate effects, the most remarkable of which is a dramatic improvement in the riding smoothness of a pavement.

The significant increase in external macro-texture that results from diamond grinding and the noise reduction and improvement in safety that this impact brings about is another considerable benefit of diamond grinding. Even though many facets of pavement construction are vital, such as producing excellent work and turning a profit, the result’s safety must always be the top concern.

The Pros of a Diamond Ground Concrete
Gets the preparation of floor to a specific floor profile

These services help get your floors to a specific profile it needs before applying a flooring system. This method of grinding prepares the surface for coating and such. Our experts at Lee’s Summit Epoxy have a comprehensive knowledge of the profile needed before the floor coating. Aside from that, they are known to be precise and skillfully trained. 

Eliminates Contaminants 

Another advantage of getting Lee’s Summit Epoxy diamond grinding services is its ability to remove dirt, stain, oil, and other contaminants from the concrete’s surface. This benefit concerns subsequent use as a surface free from any dirt or oil that will improve bonding amongst surfaces and coatings. 

Ensures efficient bonding

Your projects will have outstanding outcomes with our diamond grinding at Lee’s Summit Epoxy. It has been prepared to the required profile and efficiently creates a better bond between the concrete and your coating. Undergoing diamond grinding helps the concrete in accepting the top layer. It is why it is only vital that before deciding to get a new flooring system for your structure, you do not skip diamond grinding. 


Whatever you perform, safety will always be an issue to consider. As professionals in the construction industry, we know how important it is to be safe during work. At that same level of importance, there’s the need for safety for the outcome. Diamond grinding is one way to improve safety. The diamond grinding service from Lee’s Summit Epoxy enhances surface texture and friction, improving safety and reducing accident rates. 

Your Partners in Preparation

With Lee’s Summit Epoxy, you may upgrade to the most excellent flooring experience possible. Our personnel, who are highly focused and trained, are here to assist you throughout the process of upgrading to a better flooring system. In fulfilling your flooring needs, Lee’s Summit Epoxy Services provides you with various options to pick from to make an informed decision. We provide diamond grinding services in Missouri communities such as Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Independence, Raytown, and Pleasant Hill. Contact us now to learn more.

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