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Visually Appealing and Highly Functional Flake Epoxy Flooring

In building commercial structures, the owner thinks of the quality of their floors as well. It is safe to believe that most of the places we already went to have flake epoxy flooring because it’s always a practical option for commercial establishments.

It might not be obvious, but establishments consider various considerations like the quality and visual appearance. The floor a customer steps on is a crucial part of the building. It must follow the checklist of the different attributes to pass the gold standard. Aside from strength and durability, aesthetics are now a part of the technical floor plan.

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The use of flake epoxy as a floor covering is an excellent decorative alternative that provides both quality and aesthetics. If you are familiar with the meaning of the term of this floor design choice, you will know that it is an epoxy floor with flakes or chips. This stunning flooring choice is undeniably appealing, and in addition, it comes with a plethora of significant benefits, most of which may be installed by us using a variety of different methods. Flake epoxy flooring is something that Lee’s Summit Epoxy, which is currently accessible in Missouri, can provide for you as an additional method for consumers and clients to enjoy and appreciate the flooring. Because this beautiful flooring solution is so efficient, every commercial establishment that installs it has a competitive advantage over the other businesses in the industry.

Aesthetic Floors in your Structures

A visually attractive floor design that might take your location to the next level involves the application of flake epoxy flooring to various sorts of places. Because the flakes are embedded in a colorless resin, flake epoxy flooring has a surprising and one-of-a-kind appearance. The aesthetic of flake epoxy flooring has a more natural aspect, with custom hues that provide an impression of monochromatic coloration, contrasting the floors with repetitive patterns, such as tiles. The following is a rundown of the most popular settings for installing flake epoxy floorings:


When you think of areas with flake epoxy floorings, the first place that probably comes to mind is an airport because of its distinctive appearance. Whether in which country you’re flying, you can always see this type of flooring all around the place. It doesn’t matter where you go. Because the finish of flake epoxy flooring seems like terrazzo, it is frequently used in airports. Passengers and the local populace are left with a pleasant impression thanks to its one-of-a-kind random layout. In addition, airports are places where individuals carry large amounts of luggage and bags. Because flake epoxy flooring can handle high pressure and has good smooth surface friction, airport luggage trolleys have an easier time moving through it.

Car Showrooms and Others 

When there’s a wheel, there should be an incredible way. One way to boost up your showrooms is to match the visual of cars with elegant and minimal flooring. Flake epoxy flooring is a good choice for car galleries because it brings overall attention to your automobiles. Aside from a car showroom, it also highlights the items displayed in another showroom type. For instance, a furniture showroom, a venue for the sale of home items, utilizes these flooring systems. These items can catch attention quickly because of the impression of the flooring. The visual appeal of the flake epoxy flooring is subtle but contributes to the overall ambiance of many showrooms. 


Hospitals are another venue that commonly uses these floorings—like in airports, utilizing flake epoxy floorings is because of their unique surface finish. It’s neither too smooth nor too rough. It also delivers the right portion of friction for floors which is highly needed in busy places. 


Hotels prefer flake epoxy flooring for its elegant finish. The flaky visual texture is a common alternative for many expensive flooring. One specific attribute that makes it very popular among hotels is that it is seamless and redefines the place. Flake epoxy floorings also blend in an environment well, and its versatility makes the face of the where it is used. 

Grocery Marts

Durable, easy to clean, and decorative– no wonder flake epoxy flooring is a popular option among grocery marts. Flake epoxy flooring also has a non-toxic curing attribute that makes it safe to store stocks. Moreover, maintenance is also easy and reduced for this option of flooring. 

Lee’s Summit Epoxy’s Flake Epoxy Flooring
Uncomplicated Cleaning

Lee’s Summit Epoxy offers you a flooring option free from complex care. Chemicals like cleaning agents could be a problem to other flooring systems if it’s not resistant to harsh chemical solutions. However, it’s not a problem for flake epoxy flooring systems. These floors can clean with any cleaning agents and withstand and survive its powerful components, making them easier to clean. Aside from that, flake epoxy flooring seldomly develops cracks. Because of this nature, dust and bacteria do not settle down. 


The flake epoxy flooring we offer at Lee’s Summit Epoxy is resistant to wear & tear, water and chemicals. It is a practical and functional option because of its various benefits like durability, which prolongs its functionality. Because of this attribute, we assure you that flake epoxy flooring systems are safe because they withstand conditions that concrete itself does not. With Lee’s Summit Epoxy’s flake epoxy flooring, you get an aesthetically serving and a withstanding floor. 


For decorative flooring, flake epoxy floors are well-known for their adaptability. Our clients have complete access to various color options for our flakes. Aside from that, we provide customers the freedom to select the quantity, pattern, and kind of flake customization to meet their requirements most effectively. Our flake epoxy flooring options have all the sophistication and elegance they wish to express, whether a typical flake floor or a floor with natural and authentic stone looks.

Minimal Maintenance Required

The flake epoxy flooring that we install is easy to clean and keep up. The fact that it is established in the first place by us, your known experts who have their licenses and certifications, explains why this is the case. If there are problems, such as spills and stains, removing them using the typical cleaning products is possible. Aside from that, the flake epoxy flooring solutions we provide are resistant to scratches. Because of these traits, it is both cost-effective and of high quality.

Your Aid in Floor Aesthetics

​​We are not only committed to providing you with services of the best possible quality but we are also earmarked to guaranteeing that the money you spend in our company is money well spent. If you consider acquiring our stunning flake epoxy flooring and are interested in asking some questions, call our team today!

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