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We regard our vehicles to be a vital component of our life. It’s an essential component of our day-to-day life. It takes us to the places we want to be while also bringing us to the areas we need to go. Like u.s, it needs a place to call home, safe from harm and damage to preserve its health and prevent future deterioration.

Garages are the homes of our cars. It provides a haven that is secure and private for its residents. Because it is a location for one of the necessities, we are obligated to give it the care it requires, and if it sustains damage, we have a responsibility to attend to it as soon as possible.

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One of the damages a garage can sustain is floor damage. These floor damages could be cracking, pitting, and visible floor shifting. Even though we all know how garage floors are enduring and sturdy, these floors are not safe from deterioration and other damaging factors. If you currently have your garage problems, it is always better to consult with a professional to evaluate your circumstances and provide a solution. Damage to garage floors may lead to damage to your cars. Reduce your possible costs with problems arising with Lee’s Summit Epoxy’s garage floor repair.

Garage Floor Problems

Your garage may experience types of problems that you never knew had occurred. As a car owner, you should be conscious of the signs that your garage is going through a situation that could damage your car. Here are some visible problems to look for when self-assessing your garage floor. Check out the signs below, and you might save yourself a considerable sum of money from catching your garage floor problem early.

Surface Cracks

There could be many causes of surface cracks. An example includes cracks from settling. Settling could result from time, which we can consider normal wear and tear. However, if these cracks appear one to two years after building, it’s most likely a problem. You might think that these cracks may look superficial, but you will never know that these cracks are the earliest warning signs of damage. If you have seen these, better call the experts right away. Garage owners may be intimidated by the cost of appointments to know that their garage is doing fine. We do not lay out charges in Lee’s Summit Epoxy with no in-depth inspection. Our experts make sure that there is a problem with your garage floors before laying out a repair plan. We understand your sentiments, so we ensure that you get justifiable costs.

Uneven Floor Surfaces

Aside from cracks, settling can cause damage to your garage floors as well. Shifting the flooring of your garage will highly affect many parts of the garage. One of these is the counters and tabletops where you put your tools. If your floors are uneven, your necessary items and cabinets may fall at the most unexpected times. If that occurs and a person is inside a car, it will lead to minor accidents. These problems, in turn, cost a handful of costs when unattended. When there’s visible shifting in your garage floors, have it checked by experts. Through your simple ways of initiative, you’ll be able to save from the massive costs of high-intensity damages.

Surface Pitting

Many factors contribute to the damage to the garage floor aside from settling. Such factors as chemicals, the strong ones, when spilled to the floor or used as a cleansing agent, could cause deterioration. Pitting on the surface is the outcome of the said factors. These damages are like tiny holes which eventually become more prominent. If you do not regard these problems over time, it may loosen your garage floor into chunks and cause tire problems for vehicles. Lee’s Summit Epoxy cares for your cars’ with our highly recommended garage care service. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the many aspects of garage floor repair. You can always trust our team when it comes to garage floor problems.

Lee’s Summit Epoxy’s Garage Floor Repairs

We’ve already presented you with the different problems you might encounter with garage floors. As a structural owner, you should look around and see these visible signs. When you notice indications of garage floor damage, don’t hesitate to ask for the experts’ help. Luckily, Missouri has certified and licensed contractors for the job. We ensure that your garage floor worries are erased at the most justifiable and reasonable costs. Our services provide construction help to Missouri. Here’s a summary of what we do for your damaged garage floors. 

Getting to the Problem

It might be tempting to have your solutions done yourself, but it’s always the best option to seek experts. One of the primary reasons for seeking professionals is because we know what to look for in damages. Aside from that, we understand and look into the intensity of the damage. Getting into the problem and knowing the needed details means getting into its roots. When we figure that out, we eliminate the possibility of going over different issues that arise from a single one. This step also includes planning after the damage assessment.

Assessing and Following the Crack

This step is not the same as the first step as we follow through the crack for this stage. After the assessment, we follow the gap with a hammer and chisel. These tools loosen materials and edges with the damage. By doing this, we’ll be able to spot the area to repair. Cleaning up after the debris from cracking the floor is also an essential aspect of this stage. 

Repairing and Resurfacing

Not all garage floor areas must be damaged by further cracking just for repair. The only ones applicable for repair are the primary and widened cracks. We do your garage floor repair by applying fillers to the damages. This involved filling is then smoothed and textured out. Further resurfacing is needed for pitted floors. When this problem occurs, resurfacing the whole garage floor is recommended.

Proudly Missouri’s Garage Floor Repair Experts

Lee’s Summit Epoxy offers you a long-term solution for your garage floor problems. Have doubts if your garage has floor problems? We are your solution. Call our team in Missouri, and we’ll end your garage floor problems for a reduced cost!

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