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Shine and Polished Concrete with Lee's Summit Epoxy

A stunning polished concrete floor is one of the most popular flooring materials. You might ask, can concrete be polished? Well, the answer is yes! We can polish concrete with the use of different materials and a process. Lee’s Summit Concrete polishing can shine concrete surfaces, whether new or old, to a high-gloss finish if they have the right equipment for floor grinding and sufficient experience in the trade.

When you consider the exceptional durability and performance of concrete, it should come as no surprise that retail, commercial warehouse and office buildings, and even homes, are drawn to the smooth, high-luster flooring that concrete provides.

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Although polished concrete may be perceived as a costly option, it is worth investing. Because the regular color of your concrete is grayish-white, which is the color you typically see when you are outside, it may be a challenging task to choose the right flooring design that will complement the floor planning of the rest of the house. Lee’s summit epoxy, polished concrete as your flooring material is an exciting decision, especially if this is your first home. When you finally get the design of the entire floor space to complement one another, there’s the feeling of accomplishing a significant task.

Exceptional Concrete Polishing

With Lee’s Summit Epoxy, the finish on a polished concrete floor is glossy and mirror-like. Polished concrete can be used in a variety of ways. You can choose any color, construct patterns with saw cuts, or incorporate stones or exciting objects into the concrete before polishing. We can also adjust the reflectivity of the floor by varying the amount of concrete polishing. Polished concrete is popular in commercial projects because it is easy to maintain. Dust mopping and the use of a cleaning agent regularly are required to keep polished floors clean.

Lee’s summit epoxy, Polished concrete’s smooth, reflecting surface allows a wide range of coloring, scoring, and design possibilities, including radial lines, grids, bands, borders, and other patterns. The most common method for improving already polished concrete is to use stains and colors. Polished concrete can be used in different places, but the most common are office buildings, large warehouses, and different warehouse outlets. 

Basic Concrete Polishing Steps

Polished concrete is made by cutting the surface of a concrete floor with bonded abrasives over several steps. It is ground, sharpened, and polished using a mechanical grinding and polishing machine. It’s essential to keep in mind that it gets one last cut after another to get the wanted look. According to Prosoco (2021), there are six steps to follow when planning to polish the concrete floor.

Remove any adhesive residue from the concrete surface by scraping it.

As the title suggests, all adhesive materials like glue, tack strip, and tape must be removed and can be done mechanically or chemically. 

Repairing of joints and cracks

The concrete is riddled with cracks and joints throughout. A polyurea joint filler might be the best choice to fill in these spaces. If sections of the floor have sustained severe damage, we can require a spalling repair.

Grind the concrete

Concrete grinding is similar to sanding wood. It necessitates the use of a concrete grinder and a variety of diamond tools. The diamond tooling and grit sizes are equal to sandpaper. It is similar in that the higher the number, the finer and brighter the finish, and the lesser or lower the number, the coarser the finish. You begin with coarse grit and progressively increase to a finer grit.

To cut the concrete, diamond tooling is attached to the bottom of the grinding machine – and yes, these are genuine diamonds, which are perfect for this use due to their hardness and tolerance to the high heat generated by the friction grinding the concrete.

Harden or densify the concrete

The use of chemicals to densify the concrete on your floor is necessary to improve its performance and appearance. Densification is easy to accomplish after the foundation has been ground to the desired level with a chemical densifier/hardener.

Polish the concrete

The same concrete grinder is used for the polishing process, but this time using diamond tooling that has a more pleasing grit setting. The polishing process typically begins with a diamond with a grit range of 100 to 200. It is finished with a diamond with a grit range of 800 to 1500.

Protect the concrete

The final stage involves applying a material that resembles a guard, which will help protect your gorgeous floor and make it easier to clean and maintain.

Reasons To Get A Polished Concrete
Longer life-cycle saving

Polished floors are slightly more susceptible to damage than other types of flooring and do not require replacement.

Easy to clean

Polished floors can be easily clean with proper dusting and mopping.

Available in a wide variety of colors and design

The term “polished flooring” alludes to the fact that these floors can have various beautiful designs finished on them and are therefore aesthetically pleasant.

Resistant to high foot traffic

As people walk by the polished concrete flooring, it is now more resistant to high foot traffic than just concrete alone.

Moisture-resistant transmission issues

With polished concrete, the floor can circulate and eliminates worries that arise with other flooring materials, such as tile, which close off the concrete.

Polishing Concrete In Missouri

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