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Elegance With Stained Concrete Flooring

Have you ever been to a fancy restaurant and looked at the beautifully stained concrete floors and asked yourself if it is possible to have those at your home? Lee’s Summit Epoxy offers you a wide variety of flooring services, including stained concrete flooring. Staining concrete both inside and outside of your building is a fantastic option to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the surfaces you have on your property.

These structure improvement techniques are affordable. They give you the choice of selecting the concrete color on the inside or outside of your home. Because concrete is a unique material, no two surfaces are ever the same. As a result, every house and business has its one-of-a-kind look.

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The Nature of Stained Concrete Flooring

The unique property of concrete gives you the option to stain it with almost any color imaginable. With Lee’s Summit epoxy, the idea of staining concrete is similar to the process of altering the color of various substances like wood. Instead of painting a concrete surface to make it opaque, staining uses a variety of solutions and procedures to give it a variety of colors and shades.

The staining process takes about two days. According to Prosoco (2019), on how to stain floors, its concrete floors, there are five steps: the first is to prepare the surface and make sure everything is clean, the next step is to buffer and grind to floors, then next is to mask the design this is where you get creative and make intricate or simple patterns. Next is to apply the color of your choosing. Then lastly is, seal the color in its place with a polished concrete sealer and wait for it to cure. 

The Use of Stained Concrete Floors

Lee’s Summit Epoxy stained concrete floors are versatile and can be applied to new and old concrete floors. Staining concrete is one of the most favored ways to enhance residential and/or commercial floors. 

Lee’s Summit Epoxy gives your house a more elegant design for residential stained concrete floors. It cooperates with the style used within your home’s kitchen, living room, bedroom, basement, and even in your bathroom. As for commercial stained concrete floors, it gives you an aesthetic look and provides durability and affordability with unique options. It makes stained concrete flooring perfect for commercial floorings like restaurants, offices, stores, and schools.

Types of Stained Concrete Floor
Acid-Based Stain

Stains made with acid penetrate the concrete and react chemically with it, which causes the concrete to undergo natural color changes and mottling characteristics similar to those seen in marble or granite. We can also use stains made of acid on floors that have the appearance of wood. According to the dynamic concrete pumping (2020), most acid stains are inorganic metal salts, hydrochloric acid, and water. The stains soak into the surface of the concrete so that they can bond with the calcium hydroxide. The majority of the colors in the color pallet are earth tones, such as tans, browns, terra cottas, and light blue-green. 

Water-Based Stain

As for water-based stains, you can create new hues by mixing different colors when using water-based paints. Consider using one of the many different shades of water-based stains rather than sticking with the subdued color palette that acid staining provides. Water-based stains are stable and consist of pigments and acrylic polymers. They do not react with other materials. These stains cover the pores on the surface of the concrete, allowing for a larger range of colors and finishes, including both translucent and opaque varieties.

Stained Concrete Floor Benefits

The concrete alone is known to be durable. But, over time, it gets worn off. According to the Stained Concrete blog (2015), the enhancement of plain concrete floors by staining them can last a lifetime if maintained properly. Even though it is long-lasting and won’t peel off like paint, concrete stain only penetrates the topmost layer of the concrete surface. And there relatively and surprisingly easy to clean and maintain. 

Versatile Design

Concrete stains have a wide range of applications. With the help of Lee’s Summit Epoxy, you can recognize almost any appearance possible given your design preferences and financial constraints; you can add bits of color, design accents that are more vivid, and even personal artwork. Sometimes the best technique is to keep things uncomplicated, with just one stain color that fits your decor. On the other hand, you could take a more adventurous approach and use various stain colors to create your style uniquely. Lastly, it is indispensable to know that you can keep staining until you’re satisfied with the results. 

Earth Friendly

Staining cement floors can be done in an environmentally responsible manner, and there are currently more eco-friendly flooring options available than ever before. Concrete is one of the few flooring options that can endure as long as it does. Some flooring does require repair, which uses up resources and creates disposal concerns. It would be best to do a stained concrete flooring with Lee’s Summit epoxy. This contributes to a higher return on your investment because it reduces the amount you will have to spend on long-term maintenance, repairs, and replacements.

Notes to Remember!
  • Cracks and deterioration of concrete cannot be concealed by staining.
  • The liquid mixture will change in color once you apply it to concrete
  • Because staining leaves a permanent mark, do a tiny “test” area first to ensure that you are satisfied with the color.
  • With modern concrete surfaces, stain colors are more vibrant.
  • Staining results in some degree of color variation, which is to be expected.
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